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The Millennial Code: Retaining Gen Y by Mentoring

In the past few blog posts, I’ve been exploring the topic of employee retention with regards recruits who are Millennials, also known as Gen Y, (born, give or take, between 1981-95). Figuring out retention is a big challenge for businesses today, with the analytics and advisory company Gallup estimating Gen Y turnover to be costing […]


Four Keys to Optimising Performance for Teams

When it comes to managing others, there are so many factors that can influence whether or not workplace teams fail or succeed. Each group has its own dynamic, its own character, its own preferences and strengths, dislikes and weaknesses. Change one person in the line-up, and you can dramatically amplify or diminish the self-belief or […]


The Millennial Code: Retaining Gen Y With Clear Career Prospects

Let me tell you about Millennial so-called ‘disloyalty’. You know what I’m talking about… the job-hopping tendencies of this generation, (also known as Gen Y, born roughly between 1981-95) whose CVs and resumes often read like fusion cuisine menus. What looks like a problem with retention is to misjudge or simply misunderstand this generation’s values. In […]


The Millennial Code: Flattening the Pyramid

When did the big boss in the big office with the big cigar at the top of the corporate organisational pyramid start to go out of style? One answer is: probably since the rise of the internet and the early 2000s. The online world made easy access to information a new source of empowerment for […]

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The Millennial Code: Gen Y’s Quest for Purpose

“Put your smartphone down, when I’m speaking to you!” Did you assume the hypothetical person with the phone was… a young person? Perhaps even… a Millennial? Also known as a member of Gen Y, born (roughly 1981-95), stereotyped as self-absorbed young professionals, preferring to edit Instagram photos than pick up the phone to clients? (That […]