Formula One and keeping YOUR team in pole position

Becoming a Formula One racing champion doesn’t happen overnight.

No matter how much talent you are born with, you still require

  • a daunting level of fitness to withstand the intense physical forces while driving,
  • continuous learning to master a new car and getting familiar with the bends of each circuit
  • advanced communication to engage your supporting team
  • absolute focus while maintaining flexibility of reflexes
  • emotional resilience in handling mistakes and accidents that can occur in a split second

Similarly, for any organisation seeking to grow and establish themselves as number one in the eyes of their clients, their in-house high-flyers must be ready to take on and overcome the competition… And that takes a long-term investment in their high-performing capabilities.

More than that… it takes a willingness to learn, unlearn and re-learn… because the pressures to change and adapt in the disrupted workplace of the 21st century will only keep picking up speed. And there will be curves and bends and new forms of technology to incorporate and competition to take on, with every passing year.

That’s why, I named the corporate training track of my services EVOLUTION, because my mission is not simply to raise the performance levels of managers and their team…

It is to bring a methodology of continuous ‘review and renew’, and to get your people comfortable in adjusting, often in ‘real time’, to the dizzying, unplanned shifts in a company’s life cycle.

Over the next few weeks, I will explore the different workshops of my EVOLUTION track of training services.

From sales training to strategic leadership to people development to advanced communication… EVOLUTION’s dynamic and CONTINUALLY-updated curricula are for corporate teams ready and WILLING to engage in the stress-testing, rebuilding, adapting and updating of skills that the Fourth Industrial Revolution continually demands.

So, rev your engines, and prepare for a powerful, behind-the-scenes tour of the high-performance programmes I have built over the years, dedicated to helping corporate teams thrive in an exciting, exponentially-shifting future…

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