Mastering the Moment: Up-levelling Communication in the Workplace

Have you ever wished you could turn back time, so you could ‘unsay’ something?

In only a moment, what you thought was an obvious response and the correct thing to say to another person, turns out to be a disaster.

And the other person doesn’t just hold a grudge, but perhaps tells others as well, or uses it as leverage against you in future interactions. Or even breaks relationship with you altogether.

I’m guessing you’ve had a variation of this moment – because getting communication right is one of the hardest skills we are challenged to develop in our day-to-day lives.

Saying the right thing… or keeping silent and listening attentively, can make or break relationships, and reward you with new levels of understanding and appreciation with family members, loved ones and friends.

And in business, in pressured environments where saying the wrong or right thing, or allowing someone else to share their views – including criticisms and complaints respectfully – comes with truly high stakes, the potential impact is even greater.

After all… customer relations, sales, but also improved leadership, management, team dynamics and intra-departmental collaborations rise or fall on the efficiency with which values, targets and debriefings are passed across.

Unfortunately, unlike with physical or structural instabilities, where a skilled team of engineers, if given the right budget, can diagnose and fix the problem… communication gaps or worse – communication failures – can be a far more difficult challenge to accurately overcome, because their sources are often hidden or buried under other layers of other problems.

In almost two decades as a corporate trainer, I’ve seen these problems up close and personal and I’ve observed, tested and developed a toolbox of hands-on strategies to identify and resolve them.

Over the course of two days, my Up-levelling Communication in the Workplace programme teaches the mindset and tactics needed to navigate the minefield of errors and missed signals that undermine teams, while passing on the processes for maximising effective interactions, for the benefit of both colleagues and customers.

Through a dynamic, packed format that includes:

  • learning the fundamentals of effective communication
  • group discussions,
  • role-playing exercises,
  • individual presentations as part of simulations of communication crises

Participants learn, interpret and apply:

  • the behavioural and neuroscience behind effective communication
  • the key elements of Emotional Intelligence
  • the game-changing power of active listening
  • the clues and signals of body language
  • the strategies to communicate with each of the four main personality types

By the end of our time together, we have broken down, analysed and practised the flexibility and intuition needed in managing what we say, how we say it, when we say it and why we say it… with the additional requirement to understand the benefits of not saying anything at all, and instead listening, for maximum impact!

To recap… so much can change, in a moment, by what we choose to express or suppress.

Done right, effective communication creates the perfect momentum to align a company’s vision, renew the commitment of its human capital and enhance its inspiration to serve clients, deliver maximum value and achieve its brand’s unique mission.

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