Most stories of success are stories of overcoming struggle.

There’s the discovery of a worthwhile goal and setting off on a quest at the beginning. And there’s the triumph at the end, when the hero or heroine wins the battle and earns their rightful reward…

But, to be honest, those bits are best left to the movies.

I’m more interested in the struggle, and what it means to handle it in the right way and with the correct mind-set. Because no one comes to a mentor because they’re enjoying success.

Quite the contrary, most of my mentees find me because they’re facing blocks, obstacles, pressures and inner and outer challenges that seem impossible to overcome.

They’re dealing with confusion about their life path, the stress of meeting their loved ones’, employers’ and even culture’s expectations and lack of clarity over their careers.

They’re doing their best to move past all the factors that say a life in which their highest potential is realised… is just a waste of time.

And their STRUGGLE and the need to move beyond it, is really why I decided to empower young professionals as mentor and trainer.

Because I personally know how profoundly lonely and ‘foolish’ it feels to dare to challenge the way things have always been done, the goals that people have traditionally set for themselves.

Hand on my heart: I’ve been there.

There were many points in life when I could have chosen a more secure, mainstream life career path, with its accompanying perks in income, lifestyle and prestige.

But time and again, I knew that if I was going to align with my own potential – the hidden blueprint that powers my life – I was going to have to walk away from doing what other people thought was a good idea for me, and to very deliberately close doors that might have been completely appropriate for someone else to walk through.

A particularly hard wake-up call came in 2013, when a national financial crisis rocked my home country, Cyprus, and forced all of us to reconsider how secure –money and life-wise – we all actually were.

While most of the dust has cleared, five years later, that disillusionment that we, as a society experienced in terms of the structures that should have kept us safe from such crises, means it is impossible for me, personally, to live life on automatic.

Instead, it became even clearer to me in 2013 that true security, in both good times and in bad, requires having the clarity to know who you are – your gifts and your vision.

It lies in the resilience and commitment to focus on your life goals and the confidence and self-belief to push through your comfort zone, limiting beliefs and external obstacles, to materialise them.

Thanks to technology, the internet, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution… there has never before been SUCH an opportunity to live life on our own terms. And my Millennial and Generation Z teens, new graduates and young professionals recognise this opportunity.

But just because they see that opportunity, doesn’t mean they feel empowered to take advantage of it.

That’s where I come in…

Together, we shut the doors that lead to distractions, re-write the script playing inside their minds that they aren’t good enough, smart enough or wealthy enough to go after their career and life dreams.

And build the mental toughness that powers them through times where no one but them understands and appreciates their vision.

I love this process, truly feel so blessed to be doing what I do. I even love the struggle… because the joy and tremendous privilege of standing shoulder to shoulder, connecting heart to heart, with my mentees, would be nothing without.

Helping others to make a friend and ally of struggle, is the number one reason I have dedicated my life to empowering my mentees.

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