In action or disaster films, we see heroes who survive some major catastrophe or impossible threat, and manage not only to find a path to safety, but also somehow lead other survivors to security as well.

Of course, Hollywood knows how to produce such movies for maximum thrills and audience excitement…

But if we are honest with ourselves, the reality we are living through in business – where massive technological disruption and threats to traditional leadership strategies, are colliding with equally impressive innovations – is more and more resembling a kind of Day Zero scenario.

And in a VUCA – Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous – world, the role of those whose responsibility it is to steer an organisation through these turbulent, yet exciting times, is becoming increasingly more challenging.

That is why, under my EVOLUTION track of services, I offer a two-day training Strategic Leadership Excellence programme that empowers management-level professionals in aligning their company’s vision with their personnel’s diverse talents, transmitting the latest methodologies and best practices in:

  • strategic thinking,
  • executive skills,
  • people and performance management and
  • cross-departmental collaboration

By the end of the two-day, hands-on, dynamic workshop, participants benefit from

  • revitalised team relationships,
  • a new sense of purpose flowing across every level of the organisation,
  • raised levels of trust
  • enhanced feedback and people development strategies

To put it all in context: even though today’s workplace is unlikely to feature explosions, car chases, tsunamis and earthquakes, the pressures on organisations to adapt to a VUCA world, without being diverted from their vision or losing connection with their people, are IMMENSE, and will only continue to escalate.

Fortunately, it has always been possible to evolve as leaders and as teams, bringing the best of our human capacity to learn, unlearn and relearn, to meet the challenge of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and a disrupted 21st-century workplace.

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