Executive Skills
& People Development

Executive Skills & People Development


A Workshop Empowering Middle Managers to Drive Performance, Improve Communication & Raise Productivity in Their Teams

Is Your Organization Facing:

Low employee engagement and high turnover rates?
Miscommunication or lack of alignment between leadership levels?
Difficulties for managers in motivating team-mates and fostering trust?
Struggles with effective feedback, team-cohesion and productivity?



The post-Covid world is seeing a dramatic shift in the workplace, with the rise of remote and hybrid work, the Four-Day Work Week, and economic and employment volatility.

This is leading to a brain drain, with companies losing experienced staff to retirement, while newer recruits struggle to keep up in a relentlessly-disrupted world of work.

Caught in the middle are under-resourced middle managers, who are burning out trying to coach new managers in their as-yet unfamiliar role and responsibilities, all while having to keep meeting organizational goals and senior management’s expectations.

The result is an epidemic of burnout across organizations’ middle management that companies simply cannot afford if they are to adapt and thrive, despite their competition.

The Executive Skills and People Development Workshop addresses this challenge by up-levelling your managers’ competencies to their full potential in six dynamic modules.

Who Should Participate In This Workshop?

This Workshop is suited to company leadership of all levels, empowering middle managers in particular to amplify their influence, while multiplying teams’ performance, productivity and engagement.

Workshop Benefits

· Next-level leadership and people-management approaches

· Advanced communication, to manage up, down and across   leadership levels

· How to raise engagement and receptivity to feedback

· Proven motivation-, trust- and team-building strategies

· Techniques to amplify team performance, productivity and alignment



Leadership Development

Competencies covered include active listening, assertiveness and conflict resolution, to enable effective communication between all stakeholders, and build strong ties up, down and across the organization.


Here, the focus is on improving collaboration, motivation and feedback within teams. Participants will learn how to identify and address gaps in team alignment, for consistent productivity and higher performance.

Emotional Intelligence

Participants will deepen EQ skills like empathy, self-awareness and relationship management, learning how to identify, understand, and respond to others’ and their own emotions appropriately.

Time Management & Productivity

Covering strategies to beat distraction, heighten focus and effectively prioritize, delegate and set and achieve goals.

Change Management

Crucial in an era of high volatility and disruption, the final module teaches strategies to plan, implement and monitor systems and processes, to minimize organizational tensions and embrace innovation.

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