Managing the
Multigenerational Workforce

Managing the Multigenerational Workforce


A Workshop to Eliminate Age-related Stereotypes and Free Up the Hidden Performance Potential of Your Multi-gen Team

Is Your Organization Facing:

Misunderstandings between coworkers of different generations?
Clashing work styles between age-diverse employees?
Polarized Boomer, Gen X, Millennial & Gen Z professional expectations?
Managers struggling to leverage the generational strengths of team members?



Given today’s workplace Diversity, Equality and Inclusion concerns, resolving age-based tensions and eradicating stereotypes about younger or older coworkers is crucial to fostering a positive Employer Brand, and the ability to attract (and retain) talent.

Nevertheless, as Boomer, Gen X, Millennial and Gen Z professionals work shoulder to shoulder, today’s managers struggle to lead such age-diverse teams, integrating their generational strengths, while addressing their less-developed competencies.

Failure to achieve this not only puts a company at risk of not meeting its DEI obligations, but also underutilizes, or drives away, talented team members of different generations.

Companies must act fast to capitalize on their teams’ generational strengths, address multi-gen skill gaps and maintain teams’ alignment with the organizational mission.

Thanks to its learn-by-doing methodology, including case studies, self-assessments, role-plays, and back-at-work tasks to apply new knowledge, my workshop, Managing the Multigenerational Workforce, addresses these challenges in five dynamic modules.

Who Should Participate In This Workshop?

Managing the Multigenerational Workforce is a workshop designed for all levels of company leadership, in particular senior and mid-level management and HR.

Workshop Benefits

· How to break down generational communication barriers
· How to leverage gen-derived work styles and strengths
· How to identify and counter age-based stereotypes at work
· How to manage and lead a multi-gen team for highest performance
· How to address gen-based gaps in new working competencies
· How to design an age-diverse workplace for competitive advantage



Meeting the Generations

Τhis module covers the formative years, culture and values of each generation represented among participants, to identify multi-gen professional expectations and preferred/avoided working styles

Optimizing the Multi-gen Workplace

Remote, hybrid or traditional teams have different generational needs in terms of wellbeing, connection and productivity. This module covers how to ensure your working environment – physical or online – can provide gen-positive messaging, resources and support.

Managing the Multi-gen Team

Leadership skills come under the spotlight here, empowering senior and middle management with strategies to raise multi-gen employee engagement and motivation, and offer effective feedback.

Leveraging the Multi-gen Team

Based on their career trajectory and skills developed in their formative years, your multi-gen team bring different strengths to the table. Learnt how to leverage such talent in the Workshop’s final module, ‘The Time Capsule’, via a creative, blended-age project and reverse mentoring.