training that's also human centered.

Given that the disruption of a post-Covid workplace shows no signs of settling, a growth mindset and a philosophy of lifelong learning continue to be professional norms. Consequently, by combining the latest L&D practices with deep empathy and a genuine desire to see teams identify and express new strengths, Leonidas puts two decades-worth of corporate training in service of reskilling and upskilling human capital.

Whether empowering new, or middle managers to lead remote or hybrid teams, advising mid- and senior management and HR on their multigenerational workforce, teaching next-level consultative sales strategies, or honing the executive negotiation needed to close high-stakes deals, Leonidas trains teams to achieve new levels of high-performance, confidence and alignment.

Executive Skills & People Development
Managing the Multigenerational Workforce
Consultative Selling
Agile Leadership in rapidly Changing Environment

Management Consulting Methodology


The sophisticated 5-step strategic management methodology presented here is designed for organizations seeking a cutting-edge approach to navigate the complexities of today's dynamic business environment.

This methodology incorporates advanced strategic thinking, comprehensive analysis, and adaptive execution strategies to ensure sustained success.


Inception and Strategic Framing

  • Strategic Intent Clarification
  • Contextual Boundary Setting
  • Dynamic Stakeholder Mapping


Integrated Environmental Analysis

  • Holistic External Scanning
  • Dynamic Capability Profiling


Strategic Ideation and Synthesis

  • Scenario-Based Strategy Design
  • Blue Ocean Strategy Techniques
  • Cross-Impact Analysis


Operationalization and Dynamic Governance

  • Resource Orchestration
  • Agile Governance Structures
  • Performance Analytics and 
Predictive Metrics


Strategic Learning and Evolution

  • Continuous Feedback Loops
  • Organizational Learning Mechanisms
  • Dynamic Scenario Rehearsals

We help our clients achieve their goals.

Irene Gregoriou Pavlidi

Executive Director People & Change BANK OF CYPRUS

We had the privilege to work with Leonidas through unique and truly eye-opening training programmes under the framework of our transformational journey as Bank of Cyprus. In the realm of the new era of banking, his profound understanding of communication dynamics, his innovate mindset and ability to tailor his approach to every single need of our organisation have been pivotal and remarkable in shaping our leadership team for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

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Sara Gunnervik

Managing Partner, KENDRIS

Leonidas is not the usual consultant which leaves you with a powerpoint richer and no results. Leonidas instantly becomes a part of the organisation, feels the organisation and becomes an integral part of the team ensuring implementation and long term results. He does not come with a ready programme or a set mindset… he forms the goals and the methods of implementation with the team. This agility ensures the best result. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Leonidas. It will produce actual results for your organisation, just as it does for KENDRIS.

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Demetris Photiou

Co-founder, CEO Simlead

With certainty, I express profound gratitude for Leonidas' unparalleled methodological finesse and visionary strategies that have seamlessly transformed our business landscape. His unwavering commitment to excellence resonates in every collaboration, propelling us toward unparalleled success. With absolute certainty, I wholeheartedly endorse Leonidas, where unique engagement meets sophisticated impact.

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Marianna Hadjiandoniou


As the CEO of PERHA, I am delighted to express my appreciation for Leonidas' exceptional contributions to our organization. His methodological approach, coupled with a strategic vision for the future, has been truly transformative. Leonidas possesses a unique ability to challenge the status quo, pushing the limits and consistently finding the optimal balance between performance and strategic positioning. His unwavering commitment to excellence has significantly elevated our organization, making him an invaluable asset to PERHA. I look forward to continued collaboration and success under his insightful strategic consulting contribution.

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