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Thoughts from a lifelong learning journey.

With challenges surrounding us on every side, it might seem impossible to add another one to the list. Especially when so many are coping with sudden, new responsibilities, with dramatically less support than before - and sometimes with no resources at all.  And yet... 

If we are not serving on the front lines of this crisis as our #essentialworkers and #healthcare professionals are... If we are not a struggling #parent trying to #workfromhome while making sure the #kids are safe and occupied... 

If we have time to fill - and many of us still do - there is no better (and more vital) a moment than NOW to KEEP LEARNING.

Because the world we will return to (whenever that may be) after the #lockdown ends, will not be the one we were used to. It will not be a familiar environment from before the #covid19 outbreak.

One way or another, we must embrace adaptability and resilience... and to do that, we need to KEEP LEARNING.

For many of us, this means creating a new schedule and routine, mastering a new workflow with remote teammates and setting new personal and professional goals. But for others of us, it could also mean undertaking a new path of study, available in abundance for anyone with an internet connection.

Micro-courses, online certificates, Coursera, edX, Udacity, LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, SkillShare - even YouTube... whatever your professional background, or aspiration, chances are there are training and resources to #upskill or #reskill for you, ranging from completely free to special offers to limited-time trials.

Today, with so much fear and uncertainty threatening to overwhelm us, let our decision to KEEP LEARNING be an act of empowerment and a re-commitment to hope.

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