Public Speaking

Thoughts from a lifelong learning journey.

You know what you never see in a James Bond movie? Go ahead, suggest something.

No, it’s not the beautiful ladies and glamorous hotels. And it’s not the futuristic cars and weapons.

It’s not even the smartest, most cutting-edge gadgets and inventions that save the secret serviceman’s life, mission after mission.

Give up?

I’ll tell you. The answer is… you never see Bond solve problems, build alliances, defuse crises and argue, defend, motivate or inspire… using the spoken power of his words.

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably smiling by now. After all, nobody goes to a Bond film to see our British spy hero save the day by giving speeches…

And yet, dive into everyday work life… and the power of clearly structured, attractively-presented and audience-tailored speeches and presentations is both obvious, and obviously significant to any corporate team.

Whatever department you’re in, whether you’re dealing everyday with customers, managing teams and operations, or behind the scenes, taking care of HR, compliance or R & D… what you say to others, how you say it and your ability to connect with listeners while you’re saying it… matters.

It can be the difference between sealing an important deal, or losing an account.

Persuading a talented team member not to hand in their resignation, or see them join a competitor.

Taking charge of a crisis and motivating an out-of-the-box response… or allowing a problem escalate out of control.

The truth is, in our everyday lives, the fate of the world may not rely on us… but the fate of our business, and our key business relationships with customers and colleagues – surely does.

Which is why, after being brought in as a consultant to help companies put out the fires of miscommunication and lack of customer retention over almost two decades… I created my training programme: ‘Public Speaking: How to Educate, Inspire & Motivate Your Audience’.

And when I say ‘audience’ I don’t just mean those you find in boardrooms or at industry exhibitions, but also those at other, less official, yet professionally significant times, too – such as at team meetings, brainstorms and debriefings.

Over two dynamic days, working in groups as well as one-on-one with me, participants in the ‘Public Speaking: How to Educate, Inspire & Motivate Your Audience’ workshop:

* learn the elements of effective public speaking,

* understand the critical audience research needed before preparing a presentation

* analyse the pros and cons of the most important types of presentation

* deliver on-camera speeches on a variety of topics

* receive immediate feedback on their progress and shortfalls

* study enhanced audience engagement strategies

* practise body language and vocal techniques

* receive a step-by-step blueprint eliminating all the guesswork from writing a presentation

The ‘Public Speaking: How to Educate, Inspire & Motivate Your Audience’ workshop is always fast-paced, hands-on, focused yet compassionate, and takes everyone – myself included – to new depths of self-awareness and appreciation for work relationships and professional opportunities.

Ultimately, public speaking… the ability to present ideas clearly and confidently to a specific, well-researched audience, in a way that demonstrates respect for their attention and belief in our purpose… is the secret weapon every corporate team can use to enhance their work culture and maximise the value offered to customers.

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